In addition to their work in Collaborative Divorce the professionals with Families in Transition support families that have separated/divorced by any method. Families in Transition clinicians also serve as Divorce Consultants who are prepared to help separating/divorcing families in a number of ways:

  • Establish effective co-parent communication skills that result in healthier/happier children
  • Assess children’s needs and functioning post-separation/divorce
  • Provide the best strategies for talking with children about separation/divorce at any developmental stage
  • Provide expert guidance on the impact of seaparation/divorce on children from now into their distant future
  • Advise parents about the latest research and strategies for raising families post-separation/divorce
  • Help parents navigate and problem-solve co-parenting challenges and differences of opinion
  • Prepare parents for a long future of co-parenting including the healthiest plans for talking about divorce in the future, introducing children to dating and/or future romantic partners, and co-parenting with children who have transitioned out of the immediate family (e.g. College, workforce, etc.).

The anticipated benefit of working with Divorce Consultants is healthier relationships between children and parents. Divorce Consultants act as experts on the short and long-term impact and expectations of separation and divorce and can help no matter how near or long ago your family’s transition.

Each Divorce Consultant has participated in extensive divorce training sessions to learn how to adapt their skills to support families in transition.

The following are services each Divorce Consultant may offer:

  • Divorce consulting and collaborative divorce facilitation
  • Adult – Individual Psychotherapy
  • Adult – Medication Evaluation and Management
  • Adult – Group Psychotherapy
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