Collaborative Divorce

In addition to the comprehensive services 3-C Family Services offers its clients, we also offer Families in Transition.  In cooperation with the attorneys and financial specialists from Collaborative Divorce Experts, Families in Transition is a group of mental health professionals who can guide you through the Collaborative Divorce process and help you answer the tough questions.

Collaborative Divorce is a more peaceful dissolution of a marriage – out of court. In Collaborative Divorce each spouse agrees to try and resolve their differences outside of court (in a series of conferences) using the help of a team of experts helping them build the skills they need to work toward an exceptionally healthy agreement. In Collaborative Divorce, the parents make all of the decisions for the family not a judge, mediator, or professional.

Separation or divorce is, for many couples, one of the most difficult and defining events in life. It may involve intense feelings of grief, pain, anger, guilt, sadness, and more. These feelings are hard to avoid in a transition often defined by loss, anger, conflict, betrayal, and financial uncertainty.  This is true for children as well as adults.

The goal of Collaborative Divorce is to assist families in having healthier parents, children, and financial futures together. Often times, judges, attorneys, and/or mediators don’t have expert training and experience in child development or the short and long-term impact of divorce on children and families. The experts at Families in Transition exist to advise your family in an unbiased manner about what to expect, what has worked for other families, what is normal, and what to watch out for in the future.

Each professional plays a unique role in the collaborative divorce process.  Within the process, divorcing couples will complete parenting plans (if needed), financial plans and co-parent communication plans.


These professionals provide support and guidance for their respective clients, support the clients in resolving areas of dispute, cooperate with other team members to guide the clients through the process and work with both clients to create legal documents necessary to complete the process.

Financial Specialists

These professionals offer neutral financial analysis services. They guide couples toward reasonable, mutually agreeable choices regarding property division, alimony, and child support payments.

Child Specialists

These professionals are licensed mental health professionals who function as a neutral professional toward the parents with the intent of providing the parents with the child’s perspective.

Co-Parenting Advisors

These professionals are licensed mental health professionals who provide support and guidance to their respective clients in a non-therapeutic capacity.  They assist clients in developing effective communication and co-parenting skills in the best interest of the children.

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