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One of the biggest puzzles we face is how and why promising romantic relationships erode over time into gut-wrenching hostility or into cool, lonely stalemates. The 40% to 50% divorce rate (with many more marriages enduring miserably) in the West shows that we, as a culture, have not yet learned how to create and maintain reliable, life-long, satisfying, intimate partnerships. TELC is designed to help couples bring love, life, joy, and hope back to their home. Sustainable and joyful relationships are the bedrock of strong families. A healthy, loving, intimate adult partnership is the foundation for raising healthy children and for bringing peace, harmony and love into the world.

The principles and skills taught and experienced in the TELC program are designed for healing and enhancing committed intimate, love relationships. Through learning together, intimate partners discover a common language that helps them understand frustration and fault-finding with appreciation and acceptance. Couples are given tools to repair specific “trouble spots” common to intimate relationships. They learn how to overcome those puzzling destructive forces that divide, diminish and destroy so many good relationships. They learn to replace these forces with constructive activities that uplift both partners and create confidence in their ability to solve problems together.

Learning in a group is a powerful, positive experience. It is not the worrisome, embarrassing, negative experience some fear. The group of couples provides validation, support, perspective, camaraderie, and fun-filled relief in the hard work of rebuilding relationships. Learning in a group also helps motivate couples to practice the skills at home and provides opportunities to discuss with others the ideas being learned. At the end of this program, participants consistently report significant improvement in their overall relationship statisfaction, along wtih greater confidence in and commitment to their future together.

Group Leader

Dr. Don Adams
Dr. Rebecca E. Matthews

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