A New Beginning

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A NEW BEGINNING is a one day introduction to new ideas and behaviors that can bring greater closeness, understanding and satisfaction to your intimate relationship. While it is normal for partners to have disappointments in their relationship, they often discover, when trying to make things better, that their efforts are not working or may even be making things worse. We use stressed-out attempts such as complaining, demanding, yelling, begging, threatening and/or giving up by burying our anger and disappointment. These rarely work to make any lasting improvement. Living with dissatisfactions without resolution leads to emotional distance. Many begin to have thoughts of finding relief by not being in the relationship. Left long enough, there comes the day when one of you will announce, “We need to divorce. Our love is dead.”

If the spark is fading, if the misunderstandings are piling up, if the closeness and sense of US is endangered, it is time to do something effective. A NEW BEGINNING is designed to have you take that first step together to start over. This workshop enables you to feel the closeness again and to learn to talk to one another safely. Please, do not wait until there is no hope left. Attending the ANB workshop will give you an understanding of adult bonding and of the behaviors that propel a relationship toward intimacy. You will have a chance to think through what you each may be doing that is not working and acknowledge these to one another. You will be taught and experience skills to build greater intimacy and closeness. You will also learn skills to confide your positive and negative reactions safely to your partner. You will learn how to confide these in a way that enables your partner to really listen and understand rather than trying to defend or explain themselves.

Learning in a group is a powerful positive experience. It is not the worrisome, embarrassing, potentially negative experience some fear. The group provides validation, support, perspective, and often fun-filled relief. This workshop has been carefully crafted to preserve your privacy while enabling you to ask for and get the help you need to truly start anew your exchanges in your relationship. At the end of this workshop day, past participants routinely report feeling much closer to their partner, have a clear idea of what they are trying to do, and have jointly learned communication skills to transform conflict and painful silence into meaningful rewarding dialogue. Learn how to turn trouble into intimacy.

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